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The purpose of this blog is to give those coming to Woodstock a glimpse of what this town has to offer.  Be it shopping, sipping, listening or shapeshifting, we aim to cover some ground here. SO if you're an upcoming tourist and you have a special request, OR if you're a local looking for some photos and exposure send your email here.  


Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Trip down memory lane or intiate yourself at FREE SPIRIT OF WOODSTOCK. Reggae QUEEN Lea's place.....

Missed the concert did you? Well don't miss FREE SPIRIT OF WOODSTOCK. Just ask LEA about it, she knows all the details and continues to keep the Spirit alive right here, even though the concert was in bethel 75 miles away. Oh you didn't know that? Well ask her all about that too. A feast for almost all the senses, ok ok there's nothing to taste, but plenty to see, smell, feel and hear. Lea is THE reggae mama and is every bit as enchanting and enchanted as her store. You're going to have to walk past Joshua's again but it's right across the street from WALKABOUT so yet another reason to go a few more feet. It's hard to say what the first things gonna be that you'll notice when you pass through her door. It smells SO good, maybe you and your happy nose will be looking to duplicate her incense blend at some point. Her merchandise runs the gamut of Woodstock memorabilia to clothing and 'accessories' for the modern day hippie. Is there such a thing? Here there is! She's got what you want, not to mention she is an absolute delight. Don't miss FREE SPIRIT OF WOODSTOCK, where hippies and rastas reign supreme. Oh yes, she also hosts reggae events so be sure to check out her myspace page for that info as well.

69 Tinker Street
Woodstock NY


or try here, this one seems more current:


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