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The purpose of this blog is to give those coming to Woodstock a glimpse of what this town has to offer.  Be it shopping, sipping, listening or shapeshifting, we aim to cover some ground here. SO if you're an upcoming tourist and you have a special request, OR if you're a local looking for some photos and exposure send your email here.  


Wednesday, December 30, 2009

From Poughkeepsie to Albany tune in to WDST 100.1 or online at WDST.com.

I'm going to need to do some homework if I'm to write about our local radio station WDST. Better yet let me just direct you right away to their website....I'm sure it's all in there. What I do know is that WDST is a variety of things. They've been man things over hte years. My favorite radio time with them is when they interview local musicians and treat us all by playing their music. WDST always plugs our local talent and they are everywhere as this area truly brims over with phenomenally gifted and inspiring not to mention accomplished musicians. Some are well known and some are not yet discovered, but with the help of WDST you'll discover a lot more than you may have thought when you tune in. So if you're coming up here and you like music and you want to know what's 'up', set your upstate station to 100.1 WDST they list all the happenings as well putting on Mountain Jam, star studded concerts at intimate venues, helping lea with Bob Marley's birthday party coming up this February and so so so much more. They were also the first to set the wheels in motion for this project and get this blog rolling! For that another huge thank you GARY! And thank you Marika for the ping pong, so much fun!!!

p.s. Justin Love painted this love bug....isn't it fantastic?!

well worth the click....check it ALL out!


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