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The purpose of this blog is to give those coming to Woodstock a glimpse of what this town has to offer.  Be it shopping, sipping, listening or shapeshifting, we aim to cover some ground here. SO if you're an upcoming tourist and you have a special request, OR if you're a local looking for some photos and exposure send your email here.  


Wednesday, December 30, 2009

If you venture past Joshua's and brave crossing the street you'll find one of Woodstock's true gems....Walkabout, think turquoise!

So many people that come to Woodstock do an about face at the first corner. You can sit and watch it happen as crowds of people look down the street but decide not to cross it. If you're one of those people you're missing out. So very much is beyond that corner and WALKABOUT is one of them. Bryn Kelsey, a lifetime traveller with a top notch esoteric eye offers you furthest reaches the world in every way possible. So if you just can't swing a trip to Timbuktu this winter, plan a trip to walkabout to tide you over.

68 Tinker Street
Woodstock, New York




Directions: if you start at the 'Green' (that sidewalk triangle thing in the center of town) stay on that side of the street and walk down the hill. You're at the crest of a hill so which way down the hill you might be wondering? If you're at the Green and looking across the street at the Corner Cupboard turn right and stay on Tinker Street. You'll cross over a lovely little stream and Walkabout is a few steps beyond....in more ways than one!


Ancient marionette befriends a little bit of Horus.

Bountiful buddhas.

This explanation was lifted off the Walkabout website. Please check her out online, next best thing to being there. Just in case you didn't see it up there with all her other information, here it is again.


Deities assume a variety of forms, but are frequently depicted as having human or animal form. Some faiths and traditions consider it blasphemous to imagine or depict the deity as having any concrete form. They are usually immortal. They are commonly assumed to have personalities and to possess consciousness, intellects, desires, and emotions much like humans.

Esoteric accoutrements? Walkabout, the real friggin' deal.

The mighty Tiny's store, "Wild and Sweet"....you can say that again and again and again....eye candy galore!

How do you possibly sum up Tiny, or her store WILD AND SWEET in a quickie blog post? You can't! So I release myself from this overwhelming task and suffice to say that Tiny is one of Woodstock's cornerstones of happy! WILD AND SWEET is the standstill evidence of such, even if the almighty proprietor Tiny isn't in there. Usually she is though and wooOOO if you catch her. If not, her staff (a bevy of beauties!) will NOT disappoint. Yes, she and her store are both modest in size, but don't let that fool ya, you'll be amazed how many treasures can be found inside. Because I can't simply begin to talk about the wide scope of her inventory, I'm going to focus on my favorite part of Wild and Sweet....her socks and stockings! Scroll down a few photos to see what I mean.

17 Tinker Street
Woodstock, NY 12498

(845) 679-1163

If you're standing at the Green, facing the Corner Cupboard....cross the street and go right for a few, don't blink it's right there! Next to the florist Jarita's

In a word, scarves.

For little toes toasty.


Here's a few of those aforementioned tights! It saddens me to admit this may be the last season I try to wear my 7 year old tattoo tights. 7 years old, did you read that right? YES! And I haven't even done a darn thing special to care for them. I've just loved them as if they were my own skin. Which most people think they are when they see them. I get stopped all the time by those who wonder if I really have had both of my legs fully tattooed. I tell them it's just my tights. The next question is always the same and so is the answer....WILD AND SWEET, Woodstock New York.

Not your average hoodies.

Helloooooooo VIDAKAFKA!

Oh my gosh, another challenge as far as trying to figure out how to concisely convey what this store means to me or any woman out there who has had the pleasure of walking through this irresistible door. VIDAKAFKA VIDAKAFKA VIDAKAFKA!!! Ladies and gentlemen please treat yourself! Besides having silk long johns, which will alter your winter reality drastically for the better....you have at your fingertips the most exquisite lingerie imaginable, including the everyday staples. Stepping inside VIDAKAFKA is like walking into the coziest of dressing rooms where you instantly feel right at home and can't wait to start trying things on. You can't ignore the Parisian feel, except much friendlier....it's hard to describe so just go and save me the trouble of having to try to convince you!

43 Tinker Street
Woodstock, NY

Do NOT hesitate, set the record straight with old man winter and see who comes out feeling warm and victorious!

These sell out quickly so hurry up and order some if you can't come by in person.

Phone: (845) 679-9139

The official panty endorsed by Sex and the City.

Just out of reach.

Since this is a lingerie store post I'm going to add it something rather personal. I have one of those hard to fit bodies....not a lot of cleavage if you know what I mean, ok not ANY cleavage! Anyway, like so many women, for so many reasons we all know the feeling of leaving an intimate apparel store feeling down about our bodies and coincidentally ourselves. This place Vidakafka eliminates that all too familiar feeling. I was in there one day having a silent meltdown wishing for some little something that would make me feel beautiful, Nancy observed my shopping style for about 5 minutes and started pulling hangers from the abundantly stocked racks. With each piece that she chose for me to try on i just couldn't believe how great i felt. Besides knowing her collection, she knows bodies. Each delicate whisper of a thing that she picked out for me looked and fit so perfect. She changed the way I saw myself and I will never underestimate the eye of a skilled clothier again.

So if you have any hang ups about your body and you're coming to Woodstock, reserve some time to get almost naked with Nancy at VIDAKAFKA. You'll be leaving that shyer side of yourself on the sidewalk, I promise!

Kissing distance.

The lace factor alone is enough to make you take out another mortgage on your home in exchange for a VIDAKAFKA account.

Vive your lingerie!!

This product makes all the difference in the world when it comes to preserving your delicates. Don't leave the store without it.

Trip down memory lane or intiate yourself at FREE SPIRIT OF WOODSTOCK. Reggae QUEEN Lea's place.....

Missed the concert did you? Well don't miss FREE SPIRIT OF WOODSTOCK. Just ask LEA about it, she knows all the details and continues to keep the Spirit alive right here, even though the concert was in bethel 75 miles away. Oh you didn't know that? Well ask her all about that too. A feast for almost all the senses, ok ok there's nothing to taste, but plenty to see, smell, feel and hear. Lea is THE reggae mama and is every bit as enchanting and enchanted as her store. You're going to have to walk past Joshua's again but it's right across the street from WALKABOUT so yet another reason to go a few more feet. It's hard to say what the first things gonna be that you'll notice when you pass through her door. It smells SO good, maybe you and your happy nose will be looking to duplicate her incense blend at some point. Her merchandise runs the gamut of Woodstock memorabilia to clothing and 'accessories' for the modern day hippie. Is there such a thing? Here there is! She's got what you want, not to mention she is an absolute delight. Don't miss FREE SPIRIT OF WOODSTOCK, where hippies and rastas reign supreme. Oh yes, she also hosts reggae events so be sure to check out her myspace page for that info as well.

69 Tinker Street
Woodstock NY


or try here, this one seems more current:


Barely scratching the surface here...

Hats hats and more hats

No Bob too big or too small.

Lea clothes us all. Adults and their infants or their friends' infants (these make such great baby shower gifts!) will find 'colorful' ways to express your inner or outer hippie'ster. Her adorable onesie's are not only 60's esque but also boast a selection of today's styles while hosting the icons of legends. then there's the jewelry the handbags, wall hangings, sheer and tapestries, stickers, patches, hats for jiffy pop heads and others on and on and on and ON...right on Lea, giving thanks for you!

From Poughkeepsie to Albany tune in to WDST 100.1 or online at WDST.com.

I'm going to need to do some homework if I'm to write about our local radio station WDST. Better yet let me just direct you right away to their website....I'm sure it's all in there. What I do know is that WDST is a variety of things. They've been man things over hte years. My favorite radio time with them is when they interview local musicians and treat us all by playing their music. WDST always plugs our local talent and they are everywhere as this area truly brims over with phenomenally gifted and inspiring not to mention accomplished musicians. Some are well known and some are not yet discovered, but with the help of WDST you'll discover a lot more than you may have thought when you tune in. So if you're coming up here and you like music and you want to know what's 'up', set your upstate station to 100.1 WDST they list all the happenings as well putting on Mountain Jam, star studded concerts at intimate venues, helping lea with Bob Marley's birthday party coming up this February and so so so much more. They were also the first to set the wheels in motion for this project and get this blog rolling! For that another huge thank you GARY! And thank you Marika for the ping pong, so much fun!!!

p.s. Justin Love painted this love bug....isn't it fantastic?!

well worth the click....check it ALL out!


DJ Justin

Putting a face to the voice of Justin Foy, 3pm -7pm monday through friday.

A WDST poster, do you know who this is?

Sure I could have asked them, but I thought it would be more fun to ask you! Red Rover Red Rover send you guesses right over! Put them in the comment section....it's blank now, but this is a brand new blog so don't be shy go ahead and type it out....if you have any trouble posting a comment just select the anonymous option. Otherwise I think you might need a blogger account.

Wall of fame

Monday, December 28, 2009

Just another woodstock sunday.

ok so I'm a little bias, but I have to say, I think the only thing that could upstage my bunnies is a goat on a leash in the middle of town! What a remarkable creature she is. One thing is certain, you never know what you're going to stumble upon in Woodstock, just about anything resides behind these modest streets and tucked up in them hills. Whether you're coming with friends, family or just your imagination get ready for the ride and the trip!

Close encounter with a furry kind.

Santa anyone?

Every Christmas Eve people come from all over the world to see just how Santa will be coming to Woodstock this year. Its gotten a little out of control supposedly, or that's the best rumor I heard about this year's toned down Santa. He didn't ride in on an elephant or drop out of the bottom of a hand painted vintage VW bus dangling precariously in the sky, this year was lovely and simple. Stockings were handed out on the green to anyone who wanted one, and Santa did a jig in the trees.


You actually CAN get there from here.

But why would you ever want to leave this meadow? Maybe because it's private property and there is most likely a 'no trespassing' sign somewhere. The area is full of jaw dropping light filled places that threaten a car crash if you're not careful. Woodstock, one of the most gorgeous parts of the world, drive slowly and don't hit the reindeer.

Driving directions to Woodstock from New York City. Get on the New York State Thruway heading North. I usually take the Palisades Parkway to the Thruway. Take exit 19 to Route 28 towards Pine Hill. Take 375 (right turn only) off of route 28 right into town. If you go this way you'll miss this field though!

For what I believe to be a more scenic route and not all that much out of the way at all try taking exit 20. It's the saugerties exit and then turn left. Once you're over whatever bridge you took, it's less than two hours North. See ya soon!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

testing testing 1....2....3....

OK bunnies, we are really going to do this!