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Thursday, January 14, 2010

BeJeweled JEWEL

JEWEL of Woodstock, a dream come true. Not long ago Ronny and MIchael lived in the Real World as they dreamt their dream of Jewel. Ronny, director of human resources at CUNY in NYC wore a suit every day, and although I don't know this for sure I'm afraid her husband Michael may have too. We shudder to think of such things up here, but we all know people who do it don't we? And we hope, just like they do, that at some point they are able to toss the working stiffness, and find themselves accidentally running into town in their pajamas. Now I'm not saying I've seen Ronny or Michael in their pj's but I have seen and been inside their living and sparkling dream, Jewel. As Ronny explains it, the suits she wore were spiced up with her own taste for the eclectic. She donned her tamer garments with flare as she gathered treasures going to local craft fairs. That collection of hers as well as her eye grew until it blossomed into a destination shopping experience. Jewel prides itself on showcasing local and International artists such as Mandara Calderon, Carolyn Baum, Harriet Forman Barrett, and Liz Horn/Ron Zukor, Philippa Kunish, Sobrel, Ann Herring, and Mindy Ackerman, among others. If you like your fancy tickled you are sure to find it here. Boasting a broad spectrum when it comes to price points, Jewel satisfies every budget and personality with it's array of visual goodies. Cross the street from the Green and turn right for a quick hopping skip and you'll be there.

21 Tinker Street
Woodstock, NY 12498
(845) 679-3775

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