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Friday, January 8, 2010

Clouds of Woodstock, nothing but silver linings and sterling people, everywhere you look.

Imagine downsizing a museum into the corner store. I couldn't begin to tell the love story of Clouds so I'm not going to try. I've had trouble narrowing the other posts down when it comes to writing about all my favorite people and their respective stores in town, but this one really is impossible. Clouds was the first retail space I stepped into when I came to Woodstock 10 years ago. The amount of hours I've spent in here are some of my favorite memories, for too many reasons. As I sit here staring at this computer screen remembering all those reasons the night is whizzing by and the morning is coming fast. I'm going to lift their artist list from their website and hope these photos tell the some of story you need to read. I love this place, I LOVE these people, so SO much! Tell them the bunny lady sent ya. ; )

James Aarons, Ben Accorso, Loy Allen, Scott Amrhein, AS Batle, Michael Banzhaf, Geoffrey Beetem, Paul Bendzunas Glass, Nicholas Bernard, Alexis Bittar, Bradford Wood, Rebekah Brooks Jewelry, Amy Bruml, Page Candler, C&H Glassworks, Donald Carlson, Charsinsky, Chatam Glass, Chee-Me-No Jewelry, Correia Glass, Paul Counts, Cuneo Furnace, Steve Dixon, Double Space, Eickholt Glass, Isha Elafi, Experimetal, Fire & Light, Jemerick Art Pottery, Fritz Glass, Roger Gandelman, Tracy Glover, Christina Goodman, Paul Harrie Art Glass, Robert Held, Gerhard Herbst, Hessel Studios, Hog Hill Poettery, Wes Hunting, Infinity Metal,Jeffries Glass, Jemerick Art Pottery, Jewelers Guild, Peter Karner, Kaser Glass, Dana Kellin, Becky Kelso, Ananda Khalsa, Jessie Kislin, Ann Krupp, La Chaussee, Kyle Leister, David Leppla, Ed Levin, Lotton Studios, Lundberg Studios, Christine Mackellar, Mad Art, Mediums to Masses, Melissa Joy Manning, Richard Messina Designs, Greg Milne Raku Vessels, Elise Moran, Motawi Tile Works, Mummy's Bundle, Natural Elements, Orient & Flume, Robert Orsini, Paradox Pottery, Jeanine Payer, Perpetual Flux Lamps, Peterman Baskets and Bowls, Phoenix Studios, Mark Poulin, Esteban Prieto, Sarah Richardson, Peet Robinson, RPM Studios, Run Run Studios, Saenger Porcelain, David Salazar, Satava Art Glass, Caleb Siemon, Schlecht Silver, William Scholl, Jeffrey Seaton, Julie Shaw, Shipwrecked, Josh Simpson, Anne Sportun, Tom Stoenner, Studio 311, Sue Trueman Menorahs, Sugarboo Designs, Union Street Glass, David Urso, Vandermark-Merritt Glass, Vitrix Glass, Wauhatchie Glassworks, Laura Wilensky, Willsea O'Brien, Zaytceva Designs, Zellique Art Glass, Zweifel Glass.

1 Mill Hill Road
Woodstock, NY 12498-1307
(845) 679-8155


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